Thursday, September 19, 2019

No Army is Better - DAY 19

The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers.
- Douglas MacArthur

No focus on suicide prevention would be complete if we did not include military and veteran suicides. And no statement about suicide prevention would be complete if we didn't note that as a country, we must do better by the men and women who are actively engaged or are retired from military service. 

The most recent figures show that the statistic of 22 veterans dying by suicide (per day) has decreased incrementally, and is now closer to 20 veterans dying.

This is hopeful, but we must do better.

There are many things we can do today: talk about this issue and become an advocate for change; vote in order to make suicide prevention resources easily available to all; insist on suicide prevention accountability by the VA (United States Department of Veterans Affairs); insist on research funding allocation for advances in PTSD and head injuries; and more. These things are just a start.

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Please Note: If you are a veteran or actively serving member of the armed forces and you are feeling hopeless or suicidal - please reach out. You can start by calling the Veterans Crisis Line. Your service to the country is appreciated. Your life matters. You are needed in this world.