Tuesday, September 14, 2021

DAY 14 - A Heart That Still Beats


Truths your heart has always wanted you to know. 

1. You belong: enter the race, join the club, sign up for the class, take the job, try out for the team, own your place.

2. You cannot be your best friend if you are your own worst enemy: quit discounting, disregarding, disrespecting yourself.

3. You should never measure yourself by any number: Count less what is countable. Because what is countless, counts more. Memories, laughter, adventures, goosebumps, moments of breathlessness.

4. You need never apologize for your song, your dance, your path, your wings, your heart, your life: sing, dance, wander, unfurl, love, live.

5. You are needed: someone wakes up, smiles, has a friend, is loved, because of you. 

6. You deserve to be happy, to chase your dreams, to know love, to live your life: you need simply grant yourself permission.

7. You are beautiful: the discussion ends there.

8. You are more than good enough: right now, just as you are.

9. You, above all else, deserve your own grace, kindness, light and love: be good to you.

10. You possess a superpower: a heart, that even when broken, still beats. A promise that you will be okay.

~Tony Garcia, author