Monday, January 14, 2019

Survivors of suicide attempts and survivors of suicide loss alike bear a responsibility that they did not necessarily bargain for. We, by default, have become suicide prevention advocates.

For some, volunteering for causes related to suicide prevention can be an instrumental part of the healing process. For others, speaking up about their experiences can make a difference in helping to support someone else who is also struggling.

It must also be acknowledged though, that suicide can be a very private matter. As with any death by any cause, an individual's needs around privacy are valid and should be respected. In addition, keeping the focus on yourself and/or your family is critical during times of heartbreak or during personal struggles with your mental health.

For all of us, the most important message we can give to those who are struggling with loss (or to to those who are struggling with thoughts of suicide) is that we do get through this.

Every day that we wake up and continue moving forward, we are showing the world that it is possible to do the thing that those who have lost their lives to suicide were not able to do: to go on. That alone can be inspirational and suicide prevention advocacy, enough.