Tuesday, April 10, 2018

The Beauty of Grief

Elm Studios was founded by Erin Lynne Meissner of Buffalo, New York. 

On her Etsy page, she says this:

Art is a source of our memories
A moment captured in time to reveal who we really are
A reminder of our past
And it brings out the curiosity of our future.

Although the artwork shown above was created for anyone who might be struggling with grief, the heartbreak of suicide has impacted Erin's life. Her loved ones have struggled with depression and suicidal feelings. Her cousin died by suicide a couple of years ago. She feels empathy for those who have also been touched by suicide. 

"I know the pain it leaves to those left behind. But, love... it's the one thing that doesn't change. Anger, grief, sadness all take on different forms, but the love that was designated in your heart for that one person never disappears... it remains the same," she says.

A few years ago, Erin's cousin died by suicide. I asked Erin if there were anything she wishes she could say to her cousin, now. 

"I guess if I could go back and tell my cousin one thing it would be- you are worth more then you think and you are loved more then you know. Stay with us so we can show you."

You can find Erin's store on Etsy, here: