Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Beauty of Grief

Tom Hubbard is an artist living in Lee's Summit, Missouri. He says that when he is creating art, he draws form his emotions.

"It is my hope that somehow my art will help someone else. I say to people all the time to pour your feelings onto paper whether it be writing or with art. And I am not afraid to talk about my experience or how I am dealing with the struggle." 

Tom says he deals with anxiety, depression and PTSD. 

"My drawing is a coping mechanism to help with the anxiety. A little over six years ago I tried to end my life so I do what I can to help raise hope and stamp out the stigma of mental illness."

Tom created the feather artwork shown in this post, in the colors of purple and teal, which are the colors of the suicide prevention ribbon. 

He truly puts his heart into his work, and his pieces are impressive. Equally impressive is the courage he demonstrates by sharing his story in order to fight stigma. Bravo Tom!

You can find Tom's work on Etsy, here: