Tuesday, September 15, 2020

DAY 15 - You Will Need Other People

Isolation is a common symptom of grief, depression, PTSD, and other conditions that present a high risk of suicide. Research has shown that the act of isolating during these times can make these conditions more difficult for the person suffering.
Often, even when you are depressed, the best way for you to reach out is to talk to others and ask them how they are doing. Start there, and then share your own feelings. You never know if someone else is struggling the same way that you are. Even just a brief phone call or visit has the potential to save to life - theirs or your own.

Whether you are a suicide attempt survivor, a suicide loss survivor, have struggled with suicidal feelings (or still do), accepting support from other people can help you to heal. And remember, you might be the person who is needed by someone else.

Reach out for support or to support others, today.

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[Originally published 9/3/2018]