Tuesday, May 26, 2020

I want to take a moment to thank Southern California's Neuro Wellness Spa - a provider of innovative mental health care services, for including me in their curated list of The Top 100 Mental Health Blogs of 2020. They listed me at # 21, which is a particular honor, as there are so many excellent mental health blogs out there.  Of the blogs they chose, they say this:

"There are thousands of mental health bloggers out there, but these top 100 mental health blogs and are particularly powerful sources of insight, wisdom and support. The following bloggers have been carefully awarded spots on this list for their exemplary work and high ranking among the world’s long list of anxiety blogs, bipolar disorder blogs, depression blogs, eating disorder blogs, OCD blogs, PTSD blogs and more.  
This ultimate list is curated with the top bloggers who have successfully used their stories to dismantle stigma, change lives, and rewrite the mental health narrative. The following blogs feature content on a variety of mental health topics which include everything from depression blogs to OCD blogs to PTSD blogs and other mental health blogs. 
If you are looking for motivation, information or simply a supportive online community, the following mental health blogs are an excellent place to start. With content from the best anxiety bloggers, depression bloggers, OCD bloggers, PTSD bloggers and Schizophrenia bloggers, this ultimate list of the top 100 mental health blogs is sure to help inspire wellness in 2020 and beyond."
Neuro Wellness Spa also says this about the importance of blogging:

I so appreciate being acknowledged among those of us who work hard to provide information and support through the venue of blogging. I wish that every behavioral health organization would make these types of lists and resources readily available to the general public.

Note: The designation of Lighting Up the Sky as one of the Top 100 Mental Health Blogs was not inclusive of any cash award or prize. This designation was not applied for, and there was no discussion of remuneration in exchange for mentioning Neural Wellness Spa on this website. I am neither a patient or otherwise connected to the Neural Wellness Spa.