Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Day 11 - Never Forget

In addition to the endlessly heartbreaking tragedy of lives lost on September 11, 2001, we will never forget the incredible amount of bravery and sacrifice that was put forth by the fire fighters and police officers who rushed to the scene of the world trade center, on that day. 

When it comes to suicide prevention, we must not overlook those who serve as first responders to tragedies and life threatening situations. First responders have a suicide rate that is ten times that of the general population. In fact, in 2017, more police and fireman died by suicide than in the line of duty. EMT and Paramedic suicide rates are equally high.

If you are a first responder or if you know someone who is, please ensure that your station or place of business provides regular trainings and support services for compassion fatigue and PTSD.

Remember, you are appreciated and you are needed in this world.

Click below to learn more about a crisis call line specifically for those who work as first responders.