Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Lin Dai

Linda Lin Dai (known as Lin Dai and born Cheng Yueru), was a Chinese actress of Hong Kong films made in Mandarin during the 1950s–60s. She was a star actress of the Shaw Brothers Studio
Lin Dai was awarded the Best Actress at the Asia Pacific Film Festival four times for her performances in films produced by Shaw Studio. She attended short courses on drama and linguistics at Columbia University, New York in 1958.
On July 17,1964, Lin Dai died by suicide. Media suggested that it was over minor family matters, but the general public in China expressed shock over her loss. She was twenty nine years old when she died.

Lin Dai 
December 26, 1934 – July 17, 1964

Friday, July 12, 2019

Paul Bhattacharjee

Gautam Paul Bhattacharjee was a British actor of Indian ethnicity of stage, film and television. With numerous credits to his name he was well known in England, and best known in the United States for his role in the James Bond film Casino Royale.

In mid 2013, Bhattarcharjee was experiencing significant financial difficulties and a looming bankruptcy. Many believe this caused his ultimate despondency. On July 12, 2013, Paul Bhattarcharjee died by suicide. 

Gautam Paul Bhattacharjee 
May 4, 1960 – July 12, 2013

Friday, July 5, 2019

Roman Yurievich Lyashenko

Roman Yurievich Lyashenko was a Russian ice hockey player. He played professionally in North America for the Dallas Stars and New York Rangers of the National Hockey League (NHL), and also spent time with affiliate teams in the American Hockey League (Utah Grizzlies and Hartford Wolfpack) and the now-defunct International Hockey League (Michigan K-Wings).

Lyashenko also played professionally in Russia for Yaroslavl Torpedo before joining the Stars. He was drafted by the Stars in the second round (52nd overall) of the 1997 NHL Entry Draft. Lyashenko represented Russia internationally at both the junior and senior levels, capturing three medals (gold, silver and bronze) at the World Junior Championships and a silver medal at the World Championships.

Despite his success, Roman Lyashenko died by suicide at the young age of 24 years old.

Roman Yurievich Lyashenko
May 1, 1979 – July 5, 2003

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

You are not Imperfect. You are Beautiful.

You did not die a coward.

You did not die a meaningless death.

You died - fighting for your life.

You did all you could to survive.

You chose to battle the darkness on your own.

Young and wounded you fell.

You did not die alone and forgotten.

I was with you in spirit - I felt you fall.

Your life flowed through my hands - along with my tears.

The mirror of life has been broken.

The reflection we can see - does not show

What we can see - with our naked eyes.

You are not imperfect - you are beautiful.

I know you now.

I fight for you now.

I suffer for you now.

I live for you now.

We miss you so much!!!!

Poem written by Kellye Pummill

Kellye Pummill lives in Mesa, Arizona. She is a survivor of suicide loss. 
Kellye lost her daughter, Marissa "Roo" Pummill, on October 18th, 2014.
Melissa lives on, always, in Kelly's heart. 

Monday, July 1, 2019

Margaux Hemingway

Margaux Louise Hemingway was an American fashion model and actress. A supermodel in the mid-1970s appearing on the covers of CosmopolitanElleHarper's BazaarVogue, and TIME

She was the granddaughter of writer Ernest Hemingway who died by suicide when she was six years old. As an adult, Margaux Hemingway suffered from both addiction and depression. 

Thirty five years following her grandfather's death, Margaux Hemingway also died by suicide. She was forty two years old.

Margaux Hemingway 
February 16, 1954 – July 1, 1996

Monday, June 17, 2019

This. The author Anne LaMott has clearly experienced real and true heartbreaking grief. Perhaps, of her quote above, the most important line is this one: And you come through.

We do.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Robert E. Howard

Robert Ervin Howard was an American author who is well known for his character Conan the Barbarian. Howard is considered the the originator of the sword and sorcery subgenre.
Howard's writing was published in many magazines, journals, and newspapers, however his greatest success occurred after his death.
Although a Conan novel was nearly published in 1934, Howard's stories were never collected during his lifetime. Howard remains a highly read author today, with his best works still reprinted.
It has been speculated that Howard dealt with depression and mental illness throughout his life. In addition, his mother had been ill with tuberculosis his entire life. When he learned that she was in a coma that she would not recover from, Robert E. Howard died by suicide. He was thirty years old.

Robert E. Howard 
January 22, 1906 – June 11, 1936

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Jason Moss

Jason Michael Moss was an American attorney who specialized in criminal defense. He was best known as the author of The Last Victim: A True-Life Journey into the Mind of the Serial Killer (1999), a memoir about his exploration of the minds of incarcerated serial killers, which started as a research project in college. He corresponded and conducted personal interviews with several notorious killers.
Many have suggested that Moss's focus on serial killers contributed to extreme anxiety and depression on his part. Moss himself stated that he felt as if some of his communications with with serial killers left him feeling manipulated and victimized. 
On June 6, 2006, Jason Moss lost his life to suicide. He was 31 years old when he died.

Jason Michael Moss 
February 3, 1975 – June 6, 2006

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Kate Spade

Katherine Noel Brosnahan known professionally as Kate Spade and Kate Valentine, was an American fashion designer and businesswoman. She was the founder and former co-owner of the designer brand Kate Spade New York.
After working in the accessories department at the fashion magazine Mademoiselle, Brosnahan and her husband, Andy Spade, identified a market for quality stylish handbags, and founded Kate Spade New York in 1993. The handbags Spade designed and produced quickly found popularity, owing to their sophistication and affordability, and have been described as a symbol of New York City in the 1990s. She became an hero.
Later in her life she sold her Kate Spade handbag and accessories line and began to focus on her new 'Kate Valentine' line. However, she frequently battled depression. On June 5, 2018, Kate Spade lost her life to suicide. She was 55 years old when she died.

Kate Spade
December 24, 1962 – June 5, 2018

Friday, May 31, 2019

Happy endings do exist, but for those of us who have lost someone to suicide, a happy ending is far from what that kind of loss entails.

In my own journey of healing, I find that acceptance is key to moving forward. In the fight for suicide prevention, my loved ones were on the side of the losses that underscore the need for change. I don't have to accept the inevitability of suicide, but I have to accept that I've lost more than one person in this heartbreaking way.

However, in healing I have found it necessary to remember the positive things about the loved ones I've lost, and not just remember them for the tragic way in which they died. I make a conscious effort to recall the peaceful and happy times that I shared with my loved ones. Often, those we lose to suicide have also had periods when they were healthy and times when their lives were filled with joy. So, I focus on those things. In this way, I am better able to process my grief. When I remember the good parts of the people I have lost, I am able to put the magnitude of my loss into thoughts and words.

If you are a survivor of suicide loss, I urge you to do the same. Allow yourself to remember the reasons you loved and cared about the person you lost. Allow yourself to appreciate the gift they were in your own life, when they were still alive. Our ability to remember and grieve the whole person that we lost (and not just the way in which we lost them) will be in direct proportion to our ability to heal.